Transform your 2D logo into a 3D design

Aicha Fatrah
3 min readJan 9, 2022


How I 3D print 2D logos

So, I wanted to create a customized phone/tablet stand keychain and I wanted to add a logo to it, but I was too lazy to draw the design again in 3D since I already did it in 2D, I did some research and I found this trick, and decided to share it here. You need to start with a 2D picture of your logo, try to have a high-quality image.

2D logo

You first need to turn your logo into a black and white picture, the fewer colors the more likely you are to have better results. You can do it using photoshop or other photo editing software, or like I did use an online tool like it will look into something like this:

2D logo

I had the labels of the logo in light grey so I had to tune them darker to get a full black and white picture.

2D logo black and white

You also need to change the extension of your picture into SVG, I had my logo in png format. Again you can use software or an online tool like or whatever tool you prefer. I just use the first tool that pops in google search.

Now go to a 3D modeling program, I used since it is easy and online. Click on import in the tools bar and choose your SVG file. You might need to rescale the file if it is too big for the modeling program.

3D logo on Tinkercad

And now, you can add your logo to another design or you can directly export it as an STL file and then a slicer to 3D print it.

In my case, I wanted to add the logo along with the phone number into a keychain that also works as a phone/tablet stand. That will encourage whoever receives the keychain to actually use it for its utility. I found this brilliant design on Thingiverse, you can find other styles or ideas there.

Customized keychain with 3D logo

If you are wondering how the phone/tablet stand works, here are some pictures:

Keychain phone/tablet stand in 3D
Keychain phone/tablet stand in real

I hope this article was helpful.

Enjoy 🖖.



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