Improve the quality of your OCR information extraction

From Image to Text Transformation
  • Control the input
  • Image preprocessing
  • Tesseract options
  • Custom training Tesseract
  • Text postprocessing

1. Control the input

2. Image Preprocessing


Tesseract result before rescaling: Cakhestew Umted v Astanwfla
Tesseract result after rescaling: Colchester United v Aston Villa
Resize image x2 with OpenCV in python

Image binarization

Add binary threshold with OpenCV
Tesseract output with binarization vs colored image

Image noise reduction

Noise removal

Image rotation or deskewing

OpenCV to detect the angle and then rotate the image
Before and After skewing

Border and background removal

Cropping the background

Alpha channel or transparency

Imagick command to remove alpha channel

3. Tesseract options

Page segmentation ( psm)

psm options
Two lines We want to read
Tesseract with psm 6
The output of tesseract with segmentation parameter vs with no segmentation

Language (l)

Calling the french script model

4. Custom training Tesseract

Challenging font

5. Text postprocessing




Software Engineer | Technical Writer | IT Enthusiast

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Aicha Fatrah

Aicha Fatrah

Software Engineer | Technical Writer | IT Enthusiast

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